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Unwoman Remix Kits

About the files:
  • Kits are .zip archives with .wav or .aif stems of voice, cello, or other audio elements, plus a standard midi file (.mid). You may use as much or as little of these elements in your finished project as you like.

  • Whether you choose to use anything in the midi file or not, it can be a helpful guide for tempo, key changes, etc.

  • Audio files are either loops, or notated with what bar of the song they begin, or the full length of the track starting from the beginning.

  • It's assumed that you've already got the original version of the song you are remixing; all can be found here.

  • If you haven't been asked specifically by Unwoman to create a remix (and even if you have), please do not presume she will include yours on any of her releases.

  • If there is a song you are particularly keen to remix, please contact Unwoman at un@unmediated.net and she can likely provide stems. Unwoman is not responsible for mechanical licensing if you release a remix of one of her covers.

Flowering Vines

The Sirens of Titan

The Future, The Boot

The City (Firecracker)

Is She Secretly On My Side?


The Keys


Creative Commons License
Want the graphic with woman/femme creator for the CC logo? here's the eps, that I made, please tell yer friends

All original Unwoman songs are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commericial Share-Alike license. HOWEVER -- preventing all commercial use is more restrictive than Unwoman intends.

What is and isn't allowed in commercial use of Unwoman source material (assuming you=musician or producer completing a remix):

  • You have non-exclusive rights to use Unwoman content or samples on your albums or websites: if you sell your remixes Unwoman may sell them too; if you share them for free Unwoman may also do so if she chooses.
  • Your commercial permission does not extend to advertising tie-ins or sync rights for any commercial film, video, game, or website. For such uses, permission may or may not be granted by Unwoman.
  • Your choosing to complete an Unwoman remix does not guarantee any consideration from Unwoman for your work.
  • If either Unwoman or you earn a profit over $10,000 directly from selling a remix, money will change hands in an equitable manner to be decided.
  • Mp3 tagging or titling (for CD listings and digital music stores) of derivative works MUST include "featuring Unwoman" or "remix of Unwoman" in either artist or title field.
  • Use of short samples is exempt from these considerations, but you must inform Unwoman that you are using samples of her material.
  • Ad-supported or pay websites not run by Unwoman's associates which enable any downloads or steams of Unwoman content not hosted on Unwoman-sanctioned servers (unwoman.com, bandcamp.com, etc) are in breach of the Creative Commons license. This includes youtube channels with ads enabled!
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