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Unwoman is a cellist-singer-songwriter featured at steampunk conventions and other major events all over the US, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2015 she received the Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Award for Best Solo Musician and Best Album (Circling, which you can download for $1 here). She has produced and published nine full albums as Unwoman. She has also collaborated with Abney Park, Amanda Palmer, Rasputina, Voltaire, and many other acts. In 2015 she released two albums under other project names: a dark noisepop collaboration with Matt Fanale (Caustic) called Beauty Queen Autopsy, and a drone/dark ambient project called No Little Sparrow, in addition to performing in the steampunk time-travel musical, Any Moment Now. In 2016 came Uncovered Volume 3, with 15 more covers in her signature style, and late 2017 will bring her 7th original album, with help from backers on kickstarter.

Beginning in 2015, Unwoman's new works have been available instantly for subscribers. Support Unwoman per song ($1) on Patreon or per year ($20) on Bandcamp to get cover and original songs before anyone else does.

"You're really talented and I'm happy I can help. Please continue to slay." - Amanda Palmer

"Stark, politicised electro shot through with crunching noise and acoustic colours." - Warren Ellis

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