cover photo by Adam Weinberger (See Colin Slash); manipulated by Michael Potts (Xiphoid Process)

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1. exclipsect - time suspension
2. d.compose - Assassinate
3. Xiphoid Process - sirensong
4. Unwoman - Cursing You
5. Blasting Agent - Triage
6. Sealed In Silence - Frontneurose
7. C/A/T - Dying Morality (rx_loop.rx2 mix)
8. Freudstein - Shadows
9. Control Theory - Synapse Datastream (Automaton Mix)
10. See Colin Slash - You and Your Commie Friends (Are You Now or Have You Ever Been an Extended Version?)
11. The Dark Aeons - Morningstar
12. Diverje - Stimulate (remix by
13. exquisite tenderness - rendered, broken, unrecognisable
14. Nightmare Noise Machine - Ungod Genesis
15. S.E.M;I - Plastik Hed

"This ugly stepchild collection, courtesy of Erica Mulkey (who doubles as Goth goddess, Unwoman(*)), is proof positive that industrial music has stepped up its game since the days when the names Jourgensen, Connelly and Barker seemed to be pinned upon anything bearing the moniker. Described by Mulkey as "danceable hard EBM and powernoise," Too Much Information is a cure for the rave hangover; an assault of elektro-industrial decomposition aimed against DJ mixing. For all of its sonic, smack-you-in-the-puss mentality, Too Much Information is an urban all-you-can-eat."
-- Ray Van Horn, Jr., Legends Magazine