seed - track listing
sn 100132-454:32(download mp3)
EHC-ILC5:03(download mp3)
RN Reduced5:29
RF Grinder4:10

What some people are saying about seed:

"What Truchan is attempting with Seed is to disassemble his art, bit by digital bit, and perhaps our ears may bleed the first time around, but on the second go, there appears something more concrete amidst the manic expressionism: oxymoron it may be, this is a progressive dissemination towards tangibility."
-- Ray Van Horn, Jr., Legends Magazine

"Sometimes when a band mixes genres it works and most of the time it doesn't. D. Compose's Seed is one of the rare occasions when genre mixing works. The album moves from harsh industrial to E.B.M. to ambient to power noise to a style of space rock that hasn't been seen since the mid 70s. In a time when darkwave music has become stagnant with almost all the bands that are coming out sounding like either Covenant or Marilyn Manson, it's nice to see a band that does music for the sake of the art of music. As a club DJ, beats move the floor. But sometimes atmosphere is a hit in a goth/industrial club. A few days ago, I played "EHC-ILC" to a packed floor. A few people stopped to try to figure out what was playing, while the rest just kept dancing. After the song ended, a number of people came up to the DJ both to find out who it was that I had just played."
-- Jean Batt

Album Credits: Composed, performed, produced and engineered by Bret Truchan. Digitally mastered by Da5id Din at Corrosive Audio. Photography by Bret Truchan. Layout by Mason Yarnell (exclipsect).

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