Interview by Unmediated Productions

UMP: What inspired you initially to start creating music?

I have no idea! My father was a bassist and pianist. My mother was a dance choreographer. So, I think I was brainwashed! Growing up, I was surrounded by music, usually classical. My first keyboard was a supah-cheezy Casio with amazing presets such as Organ, Piano, Flute, and, uh, Synth.

I never mentally said, "Ok, now I'm going to start creating music." Instead, I got trapped in the "Oh, I must have the next fun music gadget" syndrome. My second keyboard was a Casio CZ-101. My gear kept evolving, and I never noticed that I was making music until years later, probably high school, when I joined my first band: a pop Depeche Mode wanna-be band.

Since then, my motivations have continued to evolve, or devolve, or trans-volve, or, um, digi-evolve.

UMP: What inspires you now; for example what were your goals and thought processes for the last piece you completed?

Hmm. I haven't been able to figure out my motivations, in general. I don't think I have unusual motivations. However, I try to avoid making music for an audience. It's funny. Sometimes people will come over and I'll introduce them to the gear -- you know, push play on the drum machine, play some simple synthy thing, and they'll be like "Woo! You should record that! That's really good!" I usually respond with a sideways joking smile and a giggle. Sure, yeah, if I were a trance band. :-)

No, really though, I try to allow the songs to evolve into their own as I create them. My motivation is often the sound itself. Some sounds have so much expression that they seem alive.

I approach making songs in two ways. Usually I'm scoring a video in my head. For instance, I had written down a fake story board for Mantis that had a mechanical 6ft tall spinning mantis (envision it like a fancy rusted umbrella) open up from a hole in the floor. Or, sometimes I just find a few sounds that catch my interest, and a song just falls into place with no context whatsoever.

UMP: Do you consider yourself an artist, and do you consider your sonic creations music?

I'm probably "just some guy," not an "Artist." But, yeah, I do label my craft as music.

UMP: Do you see your audience as people like you? In what ways? (uh, interpret this how you like I guess)

I know how important music is in people's lives. During my younger years it meant a lot to me. If someone connects with my music, and it influences them, or lets them see things in a new light, that's great! I create music for myself, but release it as a humble offering to those who might like it.

UMP: What kinds of sounds do you like?

I like sounds that are all crusty and shit! And I like "impossible" sounds. Sounds that are like, "How the crap did they do that?!" I like crafty-ass noise. Hmm .. crafty .. ass.. noise. (giggle giggle!)

UMP: Who were/are your musical/sonic influences?

My music is a lot different than what it used to be. My early influences were Skinny Puppy, Das Ich, Frontline Assembly (I know, I know, typical crap). I'm now listening to a lot of IDM (Autechre), digital hardcore, and drum and bass. Oh, and old Download. cEvin! Wake up!

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